The Work I Do

As a continuation of my little bio, I think it would be apt to explain the kind of work and the kind of craft I do.

At this time, I am a traditional woodworker. I only use hand tools. I have a couple reasons for this choice (I will explain in more detail in a later post):

1) I feel more connected to the work and the wood through the hand tools as compared to power tools. Wood is a dynamic and (once) living material; the hand tools offer the feedback representative of the material being worked. It helps the wood communicate with me and me with the wood.

2) I don’t care for the dust and noise. I’m usually a pretty quiet person, and I get a bunch of noise at work, so i like to be able to come home and work in a quiet and clean (aired) environment.

3) I’m a poor college kid! While a good set of hand tools is expensive, the investment needed to do the kind of work that I want to do would require quite a chunk of change.

4) I also like the challenge, discipline, and reward of working with hand tools. I like to be able to say (not brag) that I was able to create something with my hands and a few basic tools.

These reasons don’t mean I don’t like machine work or don’t respect the people who work with them (I work next to my dad’s full set of power tools). The reasons I work this way are purely for me.

I also like hand tools because I like to make reproduction-esque furniture, and building it with hand tools just feels right. It’s like classical music played on the original instruments.

I have aspirations to, in addition to exploring various forms of woodcraft such as chairmaking, green woodworking, and turnery; pursue blacksmithing as well. But, that will have to wait until I can find some time and space.

I hope you enjoy the blog, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my posts, my work, or the crafts in general!

Thank you for reading!

Matt Pelto



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