Artist, Artisan, and Craftsperson

In my English class last semester, one of the major projects was to write an extended definition essay that focuses on the deeper meanings and implications of the word(s) chosen.  For my definition essay, I decided to research and discuss the differences in the terms: “artist,” “artisan,” and “craftsperson.” To top it all off, we had to write the essay, the edit it and add more to it. During the revision process, my essay was published in the Lost Art Press blog. Here is the link to the entry, my first version, and the comments that followed:

The whole blog is a blast to read and packed full of useful knowledge.

In the essay I refer to interviews I had the people like Roy Underhill, Chris Schwarz, and Peter Ross; as well as references to David Pye and even Plato (the second version becomes quite a trip down the rabbit hole).

You can read the essay here.

 artist artisan craftsperson 2

I would love to hear any feedback you have. I hope you enjoy!

-Matt Pelto


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